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Musique dans les Camps de Concentration

A touching website to the memory of musicians, performers and artists who fell victim to the holocaust  of the nazi concentration camps: Musique dans les Camps de Concentration.

In our collection we identified the following artists who died at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, Sachsenhausen, Sobibor and Theresienstadt: Gyptis Akiba, Richard Fall, Armand Haagman, Marcel Lattès, Heinrich Mannfred, Casimir Oberfeld, Wilhelm Sterk, Gerrit Van Weezel, Friedrich Löwy (Beda), Meyer Streliski (Marcel Barger), Valentin Pinner (Harry Waldau), Wilhelm Julius (Willy Rosen), Georg Paul Morgenstern (Paul Morgan), Theodor Waldau (Wauwau), Fritz Grünbaum, Karel Hasler, Paul Wendel (Paul O’Montis), Mozes Hakkert (Max Hakkert), Thérese Wittman,  Erwin Grünspan (Erwin Wendelin Spahn) and Siegfried Salo (S. Translateur).

What a waste, what a shame.


Listen to the original English lyrics of this WW-I song, published in 1918 in France by Francis Salabert. Both Dranem and Maurice Chevalier have their caricature on this cover by Clérice frères.

Music: Geoffrey O'Hara Lyrics: Lucien Boyer, Illustrated by Clérice frères
K-K-K-Katy‘ by Geoffrey O’Hara, French lyrics: Lucien Boyer, published by Salabert (Paris, 1918) and illustrated by Clérice frères.

The Unicorn

The probably largest, but certainly finest second-hand music antiquarian in Sweden had to close its shop. We have fond memories of Antikvariat Enhörningen and its owner Bo Löwenström. Here is a picture of Bo in front of his shop in 2013.

Antikvariat Enhorningen
The Enhörningen antiquarian music shop in Lidingö, Stockholm