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ImagesMusicales is the website that holds all images of our collection of illustrated sheet music. It shows the work of many artists from all over the world who created attractive covers for music publishers.

On this blog we intend to keep notes on our experience as collectors of sheet music, to share stories we find interesting or special and perhaps to shed some light on certain artists.

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    1. Een onuitputtelijke bron aan informatie ;
      Uw site heeft van mij een nieuwe verzamelaar gemaakt.
      Met dank.

    2. Buongiorno
      Sono Armando Marcucci
      nipote del Compositore Giovanni Battista Noceti
      volevo condividere le copertine delle musiche di Noceti
      potete contattarmi al seguente indirizzo email.

  2. Dear friends,
    Congratulations for your great work and the new blog!
    A couple of months ago, you’ve shared a series of sheet music by composers Dan Parrish & Frank Withers. As it was in the same lot, I wonder if it came indirectly from one of those musicians or their agent. They played together in the legendary Mitchell’s Jazz kings (picture of the band on the cover of “Montmartre Rag”). Those Afro-Americans brought the jazz music in Belgium in 1921… Amazing to see those sheet musics together.
    Regards, Christian

  3. I am a resident of Salem, Massachusetts, and collect Salem items.

    I am looking for a certain local Sheet Music.

    Part of the Title is “House of Seven Gables”, and it has a B&W sketch of the house on the cover.

    Anyone seen this one ?

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