Party of Three

One can hardly exaggerate what Jean-Luc Godard has meant for the cinema, and for the french Nouvelle Vague in particular. We won’t repeat this praise, but simply view once again the absorbing dance trio in his Bande à part 1964 film.
The dance moves are those from the Madison, a dance novelty from the late 1950s that was still popular in the Sixties. The music is from Michel Legrand, and actors are Claude Brasseur, Anna Karina and Sami Frey.

Long before the Fifties, sheet music covers already illustrated men’s romantic fascination for enigmatic, threesome amorous relations…

Breton, Bretonne‘ from the operette Déshabillez-vous!’. Music by René Mercier, lyrics by André Barde. Published by Salabert (Paris, 1929), illustrated by Roger De Valerio.
Les Emboiteurs‘ by François Perpignan and Henri Passerieu, published by Enoch & Cie (Paris, s.d.), and illustrated by Lucien Métivet.
I går så var den din i dag så ä den min‘ by Helge Lindberg and Karl-Ewert. Published by Nils-Georgs Musikförlag (Stockholm, 1929) and cover illustrated by Garmland.
Karmeslied‘ by Hendrik Stuurop & Jan Van Riemsdijk, published by Toneelfonds ‘Van Hulst’ (Kampen – Netherlands, s.d.). Cover illustrated by Willy Sluiter.
Anna, was ist denn mit Dir?‘ by Léo Fall, Rudolf Bernauer and Ernst Welisch. Published by Drei Masken Verlag (Berlin, 1912), cover illustration by Paul Telemann.
Das Töchterlein von Herrn Pedell‘ by Hermann Leopoldi and Erwin W. Spahn, published by Drei Masken Verlag (Berlin, 1929). Illustration: Willy Herzig.
Eine kleine Freundin hat doch jeder Mann‘ by Franz Lehar and Arthur Rebner, published by Drei Masken Verlag (Berlin, 1921) and illustrated by Wolfgang Ortmann.
Wenn die Sterne am Himmel Leuchten‘ by Emmerich Kalman and Julius Brammer, published by Drei Masken Verlag (Berlin, 1921) and illustrated by Wolfgang Ortmann.
Entre dos fuegos‘ by R. Alberto Lopez Buchardo and Emilio Fresedo, published by Breyer, Coleccion (s.d.), cover illustration signed ‘FOHN’.
Det kommer en båt blåa jackor‘ by Elis Ellis and Max Roland, published by Elkan & Schildknecht (Stockholm, 1928), illustrated by Eric Rohman.
Bal-Album‘, various composers. Published by A.B. Skandinaviska Musikförlaget (Stockholm, s.d.) and cover illustrated by Orla Muff.
Carneval Polka‘ by Procida Bucalossi. Published by Lundquists (Stockholm, 1893), unknown illustrator.

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