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Comments on some special, funny or beautiful covers

The Lady In The Moon

Sheet music cover of 'Luna-Foxtrot' by Sydney Ward (Siegwart Ehrlich). Published by Elkan & Schildknecht, Emil Carelius (Stockholm, 1920) and illustrated by Wolfgang Ortmann
Luna-Foxtrot‘ by Sydney Ward (Siegwart Ehrlich). Published by Elkan & Schildknecht, Emil Carelius (Stockholm, 1920) and illustrated by Wolfgang Ortmann.
Dooley-Dooley-Do‘ by Sterling Sherwin, published by Sherman, Clay & Co (San Francisco, 1929). Photomontage by unknown illustrator.
Prismes Lunaires‘ by Hedwige Chrétien, lyrics by L. Fortolis, published by Alphonse Leduc (Paris, 1903) & illustrated by G. Lhuer
Berceuse aux Etoiles‘ by J. Vercolier, Henri Darsay and Fernand Disle, published by the composer (Paris, 1909), illustrated cover signed ‘Grégoire’
Miss Moonbeam‘ by Torsten Paban, published by Elkan & Schildknecht, Emil Carelius (Stockholm, 1921) and illustrated by Eric Rohman
Tu Estrella‘ by I. A. Barsanti, published by Breyer Hermanos (Buenos Aires, s.d.). Cover signed with monogram CM
A Runaway Girl‘ by Warwick Williams, published by Chappell & Co Ltd (London, 1898). Cover illustration by W. George
Une Femme sur la Lune‘ by Willy Schmidt-Gentner and Fritz Rotter (french lyrics: André Mauprey), published by Max Eschig & Cie (Paris, 1930). Cover illustrated by Würth
Silver Stars‘ by Carl Bohm, published by De Luxe Music Co (New York, s.d.). Unknown illustrator
Frau Luna‘, potpourri by Paul Lincke. Published by Apollo Verlag Paul Lincke (Berlin, 1899). Unknown illustrator
Le Voyage dans la Lune‘ by Georges Méliès (1902) — Music by David Short – Billi Brass Quintet

Lookalikes & Companions

Cach’ ton piano‘ by Maurice Yvain & Albert Willemetz, published by Editions L. Maillochon (Paris, 1920) and illustrated by Charles-Félix Gir. — ‘I Lift Up My Finger And Say “Tweet Tweet”‘ by Leslie Sardony, published by Publications Francis-Day (Paris, 1929), illustrated by Würth.
El “Kiss-Me” (Bésame)‘ by Juan Auli & M. Golobardas — ‘Bibelot‘ by A. Costa, J. Albelda & Soller. Both sheet music published by Ildefonso Alier (Madrid, s.d.) and covers signed (Pere?) POL.
Luna Tango‘ by Georges Hamel, published by Musiciana (Paris, s.d.) and illustration by M. Briard — ‘Minuit‘, serenade composed by H. Stile, published by Dupont, A. – Metzner (Paris, s.d.), cover illustrated by Armand Segaud.
When you’re tired of calling me sweetheart‘ by Earle Johnston & John Ricca, published by Sherwood Music (New York, 1924) — ‘Trying To Forget‘ by Abe Olman and Jack Yellen, published by Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. (New York, 1923). Both covers illustrated by Malcolm Perret.
Schön ist die Jugend‘ by Max Rhode, published by Philipp Grosch (Würzburg), 1919) and illustrated by Breidenstein — ‘Memento Vivere (Mensch, Durf Te Leven )’ by Dirk Witte, published by Alsbach, G. & Co (Amsterdam, 1917), cover design by Leo Gestel.
Oh How I Miss You To-Night‘ by Benny Davis, Mark Fisher & Joe Burke, published by Irving Berlin, Inc. (New York, 1924). Both sheet music covers illustrated by Sydney Leff.
‘Bonsoir Madame la lune‘ by Paul Marinier and Emile Bessières, published by E. Meuriot (Paris, s.d.) and illustrated by Georges Dola — ‘E viva Carneval‘ by Menica Rondelly , published by M. Millan (Nice,  1905) and illustrated by Gaston de Montpéroux.
Reclame!’ by Dino Rulli and Bruno Cherubini, published by Casa Editrice Musicale (Rome, 1928), cover illustration signed ‘Monni‘ — ‘For you! Reklame operette‘ by Bruno Granichstaedten, published by Edition Bristol (Wien, 1930), unknown illustrator.
I Don’t Want To Get Married‘ by Myrtle Boland, James Alexander Brennan and William Jerome, published by Broadway Music Corporation (New York, 1924) — ‘Ida I Do’ by  Isham Jones and Gus Kahn, published by Irving Berlin, Inc (New York, 1925). Both covers designed by Malcolm Perret.
Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)‘ by James F. Hanley, Ballard Macdonald & Joe Goodwin, published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co (New York, 1919) and illustrated by Natwick — ‘If You’ll Come Back‘ by Otis Spencer and Rubey Cowan, published by Mack Stark & Rubey Cowan (New York, 1920), illustration by Albert Barbelle.
El Dormilón’, tango composed by Manuel Jovès, published by Editions Francis Salabert (Paris, 1926) — ‘Tango Sentimental (Ha de volver a mi) by Manuel Jovès & Jose M. Marcel, published by Editions Francis Salabert (Paris, 1924). Both covers illustrated by Roger De Valerio.

Nom d’une Pipe! (*)

Publicity cardboard for Crüwell Tabak (Bielefeld)

This image of an advertising cardboard for Crüwell pipe tobacco serves as an intro to a special selection of sheet music covers from our collection…

Sheet music cover for 'Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe'
Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe‘ by Albert Von Tilzer, Ed. Moran and Will A. Heelan. Published by Broadway Music Corporation (1916, New York) and illustrated by André De TaKacs.

Sheet music "I'm Still in Love With You"
I’m Still in Love With You‘ by Walter C. Johnson. Published by Sherwood Music Company (1923, New York). Unknown illustrator/monogram.
Sheet music 'Back from the Front' (1915)
Back from the Front‘, a Rag One-step composed by Armand Dumas. Published by Swan & C° (London, 1915). Illustration signed M. H.
Sheet music cover by De Valerio 'Moussa Sidi-Bé'
Moussa Sidi-Bé‘ by Léon Amouroux and Lucien Boyer. Published by Salabert (Paris, s.d.) and illustrated by Roger De Valerio.
The Kid‘ composed and published by Auguste Bosc (Paris, 1928). Cover illustration by Clérices frères.
La belote‘ by Maurice Yvain, Albert Willemetz and C.A. Carpentier. Published by Salabert (Paris, 1924) & illustrated by Roger De Valerio.
Masta‘ by Christian Hartmann and Otto Carlmar. Publisher:  P. Gedde Knap in Oslo (s.d.). Unknown illustrator.
Matros-Valsen‘ by Carl Lindberg. Published by  Elkan & Schildknecht / Emil Carelius (Stockholm, 1916), cover illustration by C. Jacobsen.
Pepper and Salt‘ by Byjacco (aka Carl Bernhard Fritz Jacoby). Published by  Ed. Bote & G. Bock (Berlin, s.d.). Cover illustration by Breidenstein.
När jag kommer igen’ by Ernst Rolf. Lyrics and cover illustration by Martin Nilsson. Publication: Ernst Rolfs Musikförlags (Stockholm, 1924).
Pipe‘ – one-step-marche by Charles d’Arbor. Published by Buffet Crampon (Paris, 1923) and illustrated by Robert Laroche.

But who will be pipe smoking champion? (Ireland 1963)

(*) Nom d’une pipe is the french expression for ‘For Goodness’ sake!’ (see also: Nom d’un chien!)