Nom d’une Pipe! (*)

Publicity cardboard for Crüwell Tabak (Bielefeld)

This image of an advertising cardboard for Crüwell pipe tobacco serves as an intro to a special selection of sheet music covers from our collection…

Sheet music cover for 'Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe'
Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe‘ by Albert Von Tilzer, Ed. Moran and Will A. Heelan. Published by Broadway Music Corporation (1916, New York) and illustrated by André De TaKacs.

Sheet music "I'm Still in Love With You"
I’m Still in Love With You‘ by Walter C. Johnson. Published by Sherwood Music Company (1923, New York). Unknown illustrator/monogram.
Sheet music 'Back from the Front' (1915)
Back from the Front‘, a Rag One-step composed by Armand Dumas. Published by Swan & C° (London, 1915). Illustration signed M. H.
Sheet music cover by De Valerio 'Moussa Sidi-Bé'
Moussa Sidi-Bé‘ by Léon Amouroux and Lucien Boyer. Published by Salabert (Paris, s.d.) and illustrated by Roger De Valerio.
The Kid‘ composed and published by Auguste Bosc (Paris, 1928). Cover illustration by Clérices frères.
La belote‘ by Maurice Yvain, Albert Willemetz and C.A. Carpentier. Published by Salabert (Paris, 1924) & illustrated by Roger De Valerio.
Masta‘ by Christian Hartmann and Otto Carlmar. Publisher:  P. Gedde Knap in Oslo (s.d.). Unknown illustrator.
Matros-Valsen‘ by Carl Lindberg. Published by  Elkan & Schildknecht / Emil Carelius (Stockholm, 1916), cover illustration by C. Jacobsen.
Pepper and Salt‘ by Byjacco (aka Carl Bernhard Fritz Jacoby). Published by  Ed. Bote & G. Bock (Berlin, s.d.). Cover illustration by Breidenstein.
När jag kommer igen’ by Ernst Rolf. Lyrics and cover illustration by Martin Nilsson. Publication: Ernst Rolfs Musikförlags (Stockholm, 1924).
Pipe‘ – one-step-marche by Charles d’Arbor. Published by Buffet Crampon (Paris, 1923) and illustrated by Robert Laroche.

But who will be pipe smoking champion? (Ireland 1963)

(*) Nom d’une pipe is the french expression for ‘For Goodness’ sake!’ (see also: Nom d’un chien!)

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