En Goguette

en goguette
En Goguette‘ by Aimé Lachaume, published by Enoch & Cie, Paris 1907. Illustrated by Marius Stéphane.

We didn’t know the expression ‘en goguette’ so we had to look it up. It means going on a spree, being in a good mood, ready to have fun. Or to say it with a beautiful English word: gallivanting. It goes without saying that the participants are often mildly or hopelessly inebriated…

According to our examples of sheet music covers everyone could take delight of being ‘en goguette’, even cantors (chantres) or statues.

les chantres
Les Chantres en Goguette‘ by Gérald-Baldran, published by Bassereau in Paris. Illustrated by Faria.
Les Statues en Goguette‘ by Wachs, published by Répertoire Paulus in Paris. Illustrated by Butscha.  Do you recognise all of the historical figures in the merry row of statues ?

Even figures on a poster can be en goguette as can be seen in this surreal short film Affiches en goguette (The Hilarious Posters). It features a wall full of advertising posters coming to life to make fun of the French police. The film was made in 1906 by the French film maker and pioneer in special effects, George Méliès.

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