Pas de Quatre, Pas de Doubles

Usually a collector avoids double or triple items. But sometimes they lead to discoveries. Did you know for example that in the 19th-century print shop it was common practice to apply what we could call lithoshopping on the limestone plate? Look for yourself.

Two almost identical covers for the ‘Pas de Quatre‘ dance by Meyer Lutz.
Added smiles on the faces of the dancers surely had to attract more customers and increase sales.

In fact, some publishers shamelessly recreated on the stone almost identical copies of the covers originally published in another country.

It appears that the French edition on the right is almost identical to the British one (left), after the image is shown mirrored.

And then again, one Pas de Quatre is not the other Pas de Quatre, or is it?

'Pas de Quatre' sheet music covers from

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