YAFI, bloehr

Illustrated cover of sheet music 'När det lyser i fönstret hos Emma' by Jules Sylvain & Paddock. Illusrtrated by bloehr.
När det lyser i fönstret hos Emma‘ by Jules Sylvain & Paddock. Published by Edition Sylvain (Stockholm, 1935) and illustrated by bloehr.

This week we won’t tell you a story. Instead we invented a cryptic title to catch your attention: YAFI. That is the abbreviation of ‘yet another fine illustrator’. The artist known as ‘bloehr’ has signed eight covers in our collection of sheet music.
The signature is as simple as mysterious: bloehr (not capitalised).
We don’t have anything else to write about ‘bloehr’ because —apart from a 1934 film poster— we have zero information about this unknown fine illustrator. That leaves us no other choice than to simply enjoy these carefully designed Swedish covers.

Hm.-Hm.‘ by Sten Axelson-Paddock, published by Edition Sylvain (Stockholm, 1933) and illustrated by bloehr.
Och karusellen går‘ by Jules Sylvain, published by Edition Sylvain (Stockholm, 1935). Cover designed by bloehr.
Jag ger dig röda orkideer‘ composed by Juan Bara and published by Nordiska Musikförlaget (Stockholm, 1935). Illustrator: bloehr.
Mary, de’ ä’ dej jag ä’ kär i…‘ composed by Jules Sylvain, publisher: Edition Sylvain (Stockholm, 1934), illustrator: bloehr.
Stackars Butterfly‘ composed by Jules Sylvain and published by Edition Sylvain (Stockholm, 1934). Cover designed by bloehr.
Vågor höga som hus‘ by Jules Sylvain. Published by Edition Sylvain (Stockholm, 1935). Illustrator: bloehr
Alt lever i solskin! – Kärleken är ny varje dag (Parlami d’Amore)’ by C. A. Bixio & Herr Dardanell. Published by Nordiska Musikförlaget (Stockholm, 1938) and illustrated by bloehr.

6 thoughts on “YAFI, bloehr”

  1. Superbe graphisme nordique !
    Ils n’ont rien à envier à nos De Greef, Valery, Bernier,…
    Bravo les amis ! quelle assiduité dans vos publications !

  2. Je partage l’admiration de Pierre … et la vôtre. Merci pour ces beaux dimanches que vous nous réservez chaque mois et félicitations pour le très bel article qui vous a été consacré;

  3. Très beau graphisme ! J’adore !
    Merci pour la richesse et la diversité de vos articles !
    Bonne continuation.

  4. And thank you.
    I’m always happy with a compliment but especially so when coming from the crackers of the Ortmann-Mystery.
    But now of course, I’ll have to find out who signed the pretty flower girl. What a hard life we have.

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