Love Is In The Air

Gör ett försök med Albertina‘ by Nils-Georg. Published by Nils-Georgs Musik Förlags (Stockholm) in 1931 and illustrated by Lisa Bauer.

Today we only have time for love !

Left: ‘Who’ll be your Sweetheart Then‘ by Paul Pratt & J. Will Callahan. Published by Mc Kinley Music C° (Chicago) in 1915 and illustrated by André De TaKacs. Right: ‘Ditt hjärtas hemlighet‘ by Henry Freeman and Sven-Olof Sandberg. Published by Nordiska Musikförlaget (Stockholm) in 1932 and illustrated by R. C. Hallquisth.
Matador‘ by William H. Penn, published by C.M. Roehr (Berlin) in 1907 and illustrated by Ernst Deutsch-Dryden.
Ohne tränen gibt's keine Liebe, sheet music cover
Ohne tränen gibt’s keine Liebe‘ by Austin Egen and Nico Dostal, published by Karl Brüll (Berlin) in 1929 and illustrated by Willy Herzig.

Love is also in the cloud …

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